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WELCOME TO BIDET SHOP AUSTRALIA in the following pages you should be able to find out all the information you need to purchase the bidet of your choice online.

If you would like to speak with a real person I am here to help you at any time just press the chat button and I or one of our help desk staff can answer any question you have.

If you want we can talk with a person you can call us on freecall 1300243387 or enter your name and phone number into the chat box and we will ring you straight back at no cost to you.

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The Bidet Shop is the biggest retailer of Bidets in Australia and New Zealand. We supply a wide range of different bidets to fit different needs.

The types of products we sell ranges from plain Cold Water bidets to the mid range Side Control Bidets; up to the most preferred bidet, The Remote Control Bidet.

Here at The Bidet Shop we have a strong belief in customer service and our impressive warranty system reiterates that we look after our customers from the start of our relationships through to a complete after-sales service.

Many of our customers are now on their second or third bidet purchase from us as they upgrade to the latest and greatest bidet technology. We have over fifty outlets in Australia where you're able to view or even trial your choice of Bidet.

We will install your bidet no matter where you live in Australia and our service is in most cases the same day. Simply call us and we will guide you to your local Bidet Shop outlet.

Don't hesitate to browse our range of products and feel free to give us a call on our toll free number if you have any queries. Bidet Shop Australia is the only bidet supplier in Australia and New Zealand to hold Watermark Level One and Electrical Certification.

History of the Bidet

Bidets are often referred to as washlets, bidettes and Japanese toilet seats. Although bidet is the accepted word for these sorts of toilets. It is established that the first references to the bidet as it appears now trace back to late 17th century France. It is thought that these bidets were first made by French furniture makers. The first electronic bidet was made in the 1960's, however, non-electronic bidets are extremely common in many European, Asian, and Middle-Eastern countries and because of this, bidets are commonly a standard fixture in all buildings.

The bidet's popularity in the western world is rapidly catching on, this is due to the fact that bidets are far superior than using the western method of toilet paper; especially in the hygiene department. The reason why the bidet has not been completely embraced however, is mainly due to the bidet being seen as intimidating and strange for first time users. While the bidet may be strange at first use, once you use it you will not know why you didn't buy one sooner.

At The Bidet Shop Australia we commonly have customers that want a bidet after returning from overseas and having experienced first hand the benefits and comfort that a bidet provides as opposed to toilet-paper toilets. It is because of these features and benefits that they can't stand to use traditional toilet paper toilets any longer.

Many well travelled people, many celebrities and people from all walks of life regardless of age or gender have abandoned the archaic method of wiping and have fully embraced the bidet, often buying one for every toilet in their house.

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  • Most bidets in the Australia and New Zealand markets are sold lacking the required certification and testing and/or supplied and installed by importers that work out of their homes.
  • Bidet Shop Australia is the only supplier and retailer of bidets, walk in baths and associated products that actually has it's own retail shops, warehousing, distribution facilities and installation networks throughout the country.
  • Bidet Shop Australia is the only bidet supplier in Australia and New Zealand to hold Watermark Level One and Electrical Certification. (Not just Ctick)

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Watermark Level One

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